Miles that earn you real rewards!

What are TRIBE Miles?

We love to reward our customers for their hard work! TRIBE Miles are our illustrious loyalty rewards scheme! By collecting and building up your TRIBE Miles you will earn store vouchers to use on TRIBE Run Free and Run For Love clothing plus more!

As your clock up your miles, we will make sure our rewards match your hard work, until you reach the honourable TRIBE Torch position at 40 TRIBE Miles - where the rewards just keep on giving.

How can I earn TRIBE Miles?

Miles can be collected and built up with each TRIBE Pack you order.

Each TRIBE Pack = 2 TRIBE Miles

When can I redeem my TRIBE miles?

Miles can be redeemed when you hit each of our Milestones: 6, 10, 20 and 40 Miles.

  • 6 Miles = FREE TRIBE Shaker

  • 10 Miles = £15 off Run Free Clothing

  • 20 Miles = £20 off Run Free Clothing

  • 40 Miles = Become an exclusive TRIBE Torch


How many Points do I have?

You will be notified when you hit each milestone, but you can also check your TRIBE Miles on your account page.

Anything else?

If there’s anything that we haven’t covered here or if you have any more questions, please just shoot us an email @

It's great to be training with you, keep clocking in the miles and we will reveal your rewards… Check out what you can spend your rewards on here and more action shots on our social pages!