How to Make Adventure Part of Your Everyday Lifestyle

The TRIBE community are fearless, bold and push their limits. The TRIBE Ambassadors embody these values; they are ordinary people who have achieved truly extraordinary things. We hope they will help and inspire the TRIBE community to explore the everyday and be the very best versions of themselves. TRIBE Ambassador Challenge Sophie shares her top tips for exploring the everyday and ways to incorporate adventure into our everyday lives - FUELLED BY TRIBE OF COURSE!

The working week can often feel like a juggling act between work, social and family life, not to mention feeling the constant bind of technology. The idea of introducing a little more adventure to your everyday life might sound like an unrealistic luxury.

The contradiction is that when I make the time to escape to the outdoors, even if it’s for half an hour, it helps me to work out my priorities and get perspective on things I might be worried about. It makes me feel free and not controlled by work or anything else.

Over the past few years, I’ve made adventure a part of my everyday life that I can fit around my hectic schedule. Carving out a little time in the working week and on the weekends for quick adventures frees up energy and inspiration that I can apply to other areas of my life.

Here are three ways you can incorporate adventure into everyday life:

Look for adventure everywhere

An adventure doesn’t need to involve an intrepid mission to the darkest depths of the Amazon. It doesn’t always need a huge budget or a demanding training plan.

Adventures are to be had every single day, no matter how busy we are. It could be a sunrise cycle before work or an evening trail run lit by head torch with a group of friends. Even if it’s running the opposite way you normally do for 30 minutes, treat it like a trail you’ve not blazed yet and make a mental note of everything you see.

I travel a lot but London is my home and even though it’s a bit of an urban playground, there are still plenty of places for a mini adventure when I need an escape. My favourites are cycling in Richmond Park or exploring new parts of the Thames Tow Path. Even if you live in the city, you don’t need to travel for hours to find outdoor space to explore. There’s some really cool trail runs in the city like to the top of Primrose Hill for sunset!


Spend a little time on Google Maps and find places within an hour’s radius of your home where you think there could be a fun weekend of mid-week adventure to be had. The South Downs is a really good place to start. Just don't forget to pack your TRIBE bars!

Seizing the secret hours before work

We all know how to use the 9am - 5pm (and probably longer) but squeezing a little adventure into the 5am - 9am is where the real magic happens. Unlocking the secret hours before the day has even begun is about stealing back time for yourself. These hours are sacred and reserved for you, the birds and the sunrise.

I prefer to exercise in the morning to set my day up for success. The hardest part is swinging my legs out from under the covers. Once my feet hit the bedroom floor, I know I’m already guaranteed an amazing morning.

It’s up to you how you spend these hours but one of my all-time favourites is a sunrise cycle where I head off when it’s still dark and make sure I’m in a wondrous spot to watch the sun come up. The beauty of this is that there still plenty of time to cycle to work afterwards, feeling like you’ve already done so much with your day before 9am! I always refuel with a TRIBE Protein Shake post ride. They contain 20g of protein (vegan) for recovery and taste delicious. The Vanilla & Cinammon is my favourite!

Get organised

The trick to building adventure into your busy schedule is to get organised. If you’re planning on doing something in the early hours before work, make sure all your gear is ready to go the night before.

For my sunrise cycles I make sure my tyres are pumped, my kit is laid out, my lights are charged, my water bottles are filled and my TRIBE snacks are ready to stuff in my pocket. Then all I need to do is put my kit on and go.

If you’re heading for an after-work adventure, the same applies. Make sure you have a mid-afternoon snack so you’re energised and ready to clock off, leap out the door and start exploring.


And don't forget to fuel your adventures with TRIBE! Happy adventuring!