10% Project TRIBE Tempo: RUN with Ben Wood

The TRIBE community are bold, fearless and push their limits.

In 2019, TRIBE are launching the 10% Project. We believe that small changes in nutrition, lifestyle and training can help us perform at least 10% better. The TRIBE 10% Project is our challenge to each other in 2019 to improve and push our boundaries.

EXCITING NEWS! We are teaming up with fitness experts Ben Wood and Daisy Hughes for TRIBE Tempo (Jan - Feb), who will lead alternate sessions focussing on RUNNING - getting faster and improving technique - and STREGNTH training - both of which go hand in hand.

We are challenging you to incorporate one TRIBE training session in to your weekly New Years routine, helping you explore the everyday, get fitter, stronger and more active... with the TRIBE community alongside you.

Be 10% more committed.

TRIBE Tempo: RUN with Ben Wood

The Trainer

Ben Wood is the head coach at Manor gym in Shoreditch. His passion is trail running, any distance as long as its hilly and especially ultra marathons. This year he is hoping to get a place on the CCC in Chamonix after loving the OCC so much in 2018, and will be running the Endurance life Ultra in Northumberland as well as the Maverick race ultra in the Peak District. He is looking forward to sharing his enthusiasm for running with the tribe community.

"I’m really excited to be working with TRIBE as they are a brand I have been following for a while and really love their ethos."

Why is speed and tempo work important?

Speed and tempo work is important for runners to develop their overall speed over longer distances. The faster you get the easier your lower end speed will feel, so even if your an ultra runner speed work is very important. As well as speed, running at higher intensities develops running muscles, improves VO2 max (the measure your body can utilise oxygen) and can help to improve your running form.

The Session

The sessions will be running focused, working on speed and improving technique.

We will be alternating run sessions between a tempo run (longer hard sustained efforts) in Regents park and speed sessions in and around Shoreditch. The speed work will consist of drills and short sharp efforts of around 200-400m.


Team Challenge

Over the weeks we will be looking to give everyone a target 1km time to crack at Regents Park.

The Location

TRIBE Tempo: RUN sessions will start from Planet Organic Tottenham Court Walk or TRIBE HQ, Shoreditch @ 6:40pm, 2 Tuesday's per month - keep an eye on the Facebook Events page for location info.



Ticket cost = £2 (100% of proceeds will go to the TRIBE Freedom Foundation & you will get a FREE TRIBE Protein Shake and TRIBE bar post-workout!)


Join the TRIBE community for Tempo events every Tuesday evening - all levels welcome.

Be the best version of yourself in 2019!