10% Project TRIBE Tempo: STRENGTH with Daisy Hughes

The TRIBE community are bold, fearless and push their limits.

In 2019, TRIBE are launching the 10% Project. We believe that small changes in nutrition, lifestyle and training can help us perform at least 10% better. The TRIBE 10% Project is our challenge to each other in 2019 to improve and push our boundaries.

EXCITING NEWS! We are teaming up with fitness experts Ben Wood and Daisy Hughes for TRIBE Tempo (Jan - Feb), who will lead alternate sessions focussing on RUNNING - getting faster and improving technique - and STREGNTH training - both of which go hand in hand.

We are challenging you to incorporate one TRIBE training session in to your weekly New Years routine, helping you explore the everyday, get fitter, stronger and more active... with the TRIBE community alongside you.

Be 10% more committed.

TRIBE Tempo: STRENGTH with Daisy Hughes

The Trainer

Daisy Hughes is a trainee stunt woman and GB Triathlete. Alongside her own training Daisy loves coaching others, sharing knowledge and skills with keen focus towards Yoga and Calisthenics. Daisy is currently completing a series of ultra marathons in order to collect points to qualify for the Mont Blanc 100. We are so excited to be collaborating with Daisy in 2019!

Importance of building STRENGTH

The body's capacity to move is phenomenal yet most people barely scratch the surface of their potential. Through intelligent strength and conditioning we are able to perform more efficiently and recover quicker. Strength enables enhanced endurance through increasing the efficiency of the muscles during exercise. This is fundamental for an endurance runner since fatigue will occur slower as a lower proportion of energy will be required for each stride.


The Session

The sessions will be centred around core strengthening and enhancing leg power; strengthening hamstrings and glutes specifically.

Each week, there will be a short warm up with mobility followed by a body weight circuits, then skill specific work followed by stretches to finish.

Team Challenge

We will be working towards a goal over the course of the program: an unassisted pistol squat. This difficult exercise requires control and stability strengthening the lower body and firing up the smaller muscles for balance which is effective in reduced risk of injury.


The Location

All TRIBE Tempo: STREGNTH sessions will start from lululemon Spitalfields store @ 6:40pm, 2 Tuesday's per month.


Ticket cost = £2 (100% of proceeds will go to the TRIBE Freedom Foundation & you will get a FREE TRIBE Protein Shake and TRIBE bar post-workout!)


Join the TRIBE community for Tempo events every Tuesday evening - all levels welcome.

Be the best version of yourself in 2019!