TRIBE 10% Project: Elise

TRIBE runner Elise Aitchison believes in the power of the mind and if you fully commit to something you can successfully achieve it. Bring on the TRIBE 10% Project!
You can join the TRIBE 10% Project here...*

I’m excited for the 10% project. Similar to Tom, I enjoy running as a means of mental relaxation and the uplifting feeling I gain no matter how far I’ve travelled. I have run regularly for 12 years and initially made significant improvements however in the past couple of years I feel I’ve reached a plateau. I’m unsure how to improve.

I struggled with injury at the start of this year and often ran on an injury. This continued while I was trying to train for stage 1 of ‘Run for Love’. As a doctor this seems a little embarrassing to admit! I felt guilty when I got on the plane for Sarajevo, with 210 miles ahead of me, I knew I hadn’t done enough. 2 days into the run when my legs were already screaming for me to stop, I realised there had to be much more than my legs at work on the road if I was going to finish. My mind had to compensate for the training I’d missed.

Finishing the run demonstrated 2 things. Firstly that the power of mind is amazing, fully commit to something and you can achieve. Secondly, that if you have an amazing supportive Tribe around you then the experience becomes exponentially easier. Friends there to motivate, inspire and share a Tribe bar!

By taking on the 10% challenge, I’m committing to making a physical improvement and for an amazing cause - Tribe Freedom Foundation. Join us.