How approach from CEO Planet Organic led to TRIBE launch into Retail

TRIBE Co-Founders explain the story of TRIBE and why a direct approach from the CEO of Planet Organic led to a launch of TRIBE 10 and Blaze Trails bars into Retail this Friday

Our story

TRIBE was inspired by a 1,000 mile run across Eastern Europe to fight human trafficking in 2013, the Run for Love. Frustrated with synthetic sports nutrition, we launched in 2015 with a simple mission: to develop the highest quality performance nutrition from 100% natural ingredients. We have since launched 25+ natural products; Protein Bars, Blaze Trails Energy, Protein Shakes & Trail Mixes.

TRIBE is now a community of over 40,000 athletes and TRIBE products fuel over 40,000 workouts every month. We are growing fast and it's been a very very exciting Summer:

  • over 250 TRIBE runners and riders crossed 2,000km of Europe to raise £100,000 to fight human trafficking, as part of TRIBE Run for Love II.

  • over 1,800 TRIBE members invested £1.75 million as part of a crowdfunding round (over £1 million was raised within just 24 hours!).

Approach from CEO of Planet Organic

To date, TRIBE has been available exclusively online through the TRIBE website - we love having a direct interface with our community and it enables us to tailor nutrition to customers' needs. It's the future!

Lots of our community started telling us that they would also love to be able to buy TRIBE products on-the-go as well. At the same time, Peter Marsh, the CEO of Planet Organic, approached us before TRIBE Run for Love II to say that he loved TRIBE products and the community we were building.

Four months later (we like to move quickly!), we will be launching TRIBE 10 Protein Bars and TRIBE Blaze Trails Energy Bars in seven Planet Organic stores across London next week. Planet Organic is the perfect launch partner for TRIBE - they share our passion for high quality natural products and we know their awesome team well (having hosted joint events in the past).

To celebrate the launch, we will also be organising events across Planet Organic stores throughout the month of October. Check 'em out here. We'd love to see you down there!