How TRIBE fuels my adventures

The TRIBE community are fearless, bold and push their limits. The TRIBE Ambassadors embody these values; they are ordinary people who have achieved truly extraordinary things. We hope they will help and inspire the TRIBE community to explore the everyday and be the very best versions of themselves. TRIBE Ambassador Challenge Sophie reveals some of her favourite TRIBE products and tells us how they fuel her adventures.

Adventure, the outdoors and pushing my limits are an integral part of me and I think that’s why I respect and admire TRIBE as a brand; For their integrity, for their commitment to nature and, of course, for the quality of their energy fuel.

The provenance of a product has always been important to me, and that’s why I like TRIBE. They are working hard to make their packaging 100% compostable in the near future and their huge community of like-minded riders and hikers have fundraised for the TRIBE Freedom Foundation to fight human trafficking.

I also rely on them as an athlete. When you take on as many physical challenges as I do, refuelling your body with something you know is healthy and not full of sugar is really important to me. I know that I can trust TRIBE to avoid synthetic sources and fuel me only with something that is 100% natural.


Energy on a long ride

I’m a glutton for cycling challenges. Each year I host a sportive which entails cycling from London to Paris in 24 hours. This is 300km in total and spending hours in the saddle means that I need something quick and accessible in my back pocket to nibble on while I am riding.

My TRIBE of choice for this sort of adventure is the Infinity Banana & Peanut Butter energy bar. TRIBE Infinity Energy Bars were built for all-round everyday performance and have become a staple for TRIBE cyclists. There are two delicious flavours - Choc Salt Caramel and Peanut Butter & Banana - they're delicious! They are made from 100% natural, whole food ingredients - nuts, seeds & high quality grains - Ethiopian teff, Scottish oats & buckwheat. The idea was a "bowl of porridge in a bar" It gives me slow release energy that can power me on the bike and it’s also digestible enough while my body is working hard.

Hydrating my trail

Trail running is a big passion of mine. I love exploring the wild landscape of the West Highland Way in Scotland, the French Alps or the Sussex countryside by my feet alone. Running can be an intense effort and I burn through my natural supply of electrolytes pretty fast.

TRIBE produce a range of hydration drinks that come in little sachets which are easy to carry around in my trail vest. I can use them top up my water bottle for an extra kick and they are flavoured with fruit and botanicals to bring a bit of taste to the experience!

A fast recovery

Recovery is such an important part of endurance that is often overlooked. My adventuring schedule is often so full-on that I need to make sure I have given my body access to enough resources for a good turnaround so I can wake up and do it all over again. It just means that I am not starting at empty and it’s a show of appreciation to my body after making it work so hard!

TRIBE create a recovery drink packed with protein. It comes in a sachet which you can shake into one of your water bottles and guzzle down straight after you finish your adventure. My flavour of choice is cocoa and salt as it’s a great balance of sweet vs savoury.


A tasty reward

OK, I’m not going to lie, my actual reward after a big challenge is normally a pizza and a pint of cold beer. But whilst I am waiting for that, I treat myself to a celebratory TRIBE maca and honey recovery bar to keep the wolf from the door. My recovery is really helped by nibbling something tasty straight after an endurance challenge so I always take one with me for afters!

TRIBE’s brand ethos is about being powered by the force of nature. I also believe that nature enables us to constantly move forward and achieve incredible things; both mentally and physically. Nature is my inspiration and so I really resonate with what TRIBE are striving for, as a community and as the purveyor of brilliant sports nutrition!