Let's Celebrate Clubs!

This month we want to celebrate our tribes!

There are over 160,000 Sports Clubs in the UK and participation in sport is becoming increasingly popular; from Park Runs, Head of the River events to local Cycle Rides.

In May, we want to support the hard work of these likeminded communities - volunteers, event organisers and group leaders and celebrate all the local clubs in the UK. Sports clubs provide a brilliant structure to get individuals involved in playing sport and we want to get together and support these communities.

The community is at the heart of everything we do at TRIBE, the brand name harks to this and it has has been a key part of our vision from day one. We believe that collectively we can achieve more. Tribe was formed in the wake of a month-long, 1,000-mile Run, where 250 runners came together, and as a TRIBE raised £250,000 for the fight against child trafficking. Working together we can make the impossible possible and this has always been central to our brand philosophy.

This May we will be getting together to do what we love most and to celebrate the camaraderie that our sporting clubs create and we will be sponsoring 25 chosen clubs for the month of May.

So what are we looking for?

  • TRIBE Club Ambassadors to apply for a months worth of TRIBE Sponsorship for their club.

How we want you to get involved?

  • Apply for TRIBE Sponsorship here.

  • We will be selecting 25 lucky clubs to sponsor.

  • Share with us photos from your club events with hashtag - #clubmonth #fuelledbytribe.

  • Send in photos from your club events and we will send 10 tees to our fave winning Club shot of the month.

How TRIBE will support you?

  • We'll sponsor your club for a month, supporting two of your events in the month of May.

  • We will send TRIBE products, to fuel all team members.(sending up to 150 Tribe products between the two events.)

  • We'll spread the word and give your amazing clubs a shoot out on social!