Protein Shakes Hitting TRIBE Packs.

We're mighty excited to be releasing TRIBE Shakes this January.
TRIBE co-founder Rob introduces the newest TRIBE range and explains how to get the best from them and your training.

The Lowdown.

We built TRIBE Shakes to give you 20g protein in a convenient, nutrient-rich format. Our Shakes are designed to support recovery and provide additional protein for your training.

The Protein.

The TRIBE Shake Protein Blend is made from Pea Protein + Rice Protein. This blend provides a complete amino acid profile - especially rich in lysine and arginine - using only environmentally sustainable plant sources.

Active Flavours.

Each TRIBE Shake Blend is comprised of just 4 additional ingredients, specifically selected to support the recovery process. For our Cocoa Blend, these are: cocoa powder // coconut sugar // cinnamon powder // acacia gum. For our Banana Blend, we use just: banana powder // coconut sugar // baobab powder // acacia gum. Ingredients such as cinnamon (natural anti-inflammatory), banana (potassium), baobab (vitamin C) bring micro-nutrients to actively support the recovery process.

No Junk.

Unlike most protein powders, we use no fillers, magic "natural" flavours, sweeteners or soy. Each ingredient we use is simple and natural.

Shake or Blend.

Within 30 mins of finishing your training session, mix your shake in a water bottle or shaker with 300ml cold water or (plant) milk. Make sure to shake it well, and drink straight away to prevent the powders separating. If you have a blender, add it to a mix of fruit, oats & milk for a full carb-protein hit.