Training with TRIBE Natural Nutrition

We are on a mission to change the world of sports nutrition. We create the highest quality natural products for real, everyday athletes - runners, cyclists, yogis, gym-goes and weekend warriors - that are free from chemicals, refined sugar and preservatives. To help them perform better in their hectic lives. TRIBE are here to help you go further, train harder and push your boundaries. Train Strong with TRIBE - the best natural sports nutrition there is.

Introducing the TRIBE ranges:

TRIBE Infinity Energy Bars


TRIBE Infinity bars were built for all-round everyday performance and have become a staple for TRIBErs. They are made from 100% natural, whole food ingredients - nuts, seeds & high quality grains - Ethiopian teff, Scottish oats & buckwheat. The idea was a "bowl of porridge in a bar" - to give you sustained slow release energy. They contain 60% less sugar than competitor sports nutriton bars and taste delicious!

Flavours: Choc Salt Caramel and Peanutbutter & Banana (new flavour launhcing soon...)

TRIBE Energy Bars


TRIBE Energy bars are great for on-the-go everyday performance. They contain 22g of carbohydrate for energy and are cold-pressed to retain their natural goodness. TRIBE Energy bars are vegan, dairy free, gluten free and come in four delicious flavours.

Flavours: Cacao + Orange, Cacao + Almond, Sour Cherry + Buckwheat and Wild Apricot + Lucuma

TRIBE Hydrate


TRIBE Hydrate is designed for everyday athletes to help them perform better everyday. It's perfect for your daily hydration needs and whenever you sweat. A Berocca for everyday athletes. It's made from real fruits, natural electorlytes and botanicals, including ashwagandha to support stamina & relieve oxidative stress. Just add to cold water and shake. Best served ice cold! The ideal product for your summer training sessions.

3 delicious flavours: Lemon + Matcha, Strawberry & Tropical Fruits

TRIBE Protein Bars


TRIBE Protein bars contain 10g of protein (pea and rice) for recovery. TRIBE Protein bars are made up of the optimal carbohydrate:protein ratio. They are a convenient on-the-go source of protein and are made from real whole food ingredients. It is essential to take on between 10 - 20g of protein and 20g of carbohydrates within half an hour after exercise, so make sure you always pack a TRIBE Portein bar in your backpack!

Flavours: Chia + Cocoa Nib, Maca + Honey, Bogoya Banana and Goji + Coconut

TRIBE Protein Shakes


TRIBE Protein shakes are packed is with 20g protein (pea and rice) for recovery. They come in one sachet servings which you can shake into one of your water bottles and guzzle down straight after you finish training. You can mix them up with a banana, peanut butter and nut milk for the dream post-workout shake!

Flavours: Cocoa + Sea Salt, Vanilla + Cinammon and Raspberry & Goji Berries.

TRIBE products are designed by endurance athletes and build for everyday athletes. Fuel your training with TRIBE - the best natural sports nutrition there is.