TRIBE 10% Project: Training & Events

The TRIBE 10% Project is our challenge to each other to see where small, actionable changes in our nutrition, lifestyle and training can help us perform at least 10% better.

Our sights are set on The Dorney Lake Half Marathon on 22 May (the UK Olympic Rowing site), from our event partner The Race Organiser. We're bringing the whole TRIBE community together to focus our training and push our limits, as a tribe. You can sign up and join the team here.

The mission is to smash our PBs and see how close we can get to shaving 10% off.

We'll be training together in person EVERY WEDNESDAY with a series of virtual team sessions by Trainers Ben Wood and Adrienne Herbert to build strength and mobility over a bespoke 12-week training plan.

Training Plans

TRIBE Head Coach, Richard Coates, has created three bespoke training plans to allow runners to train effectively over the next 12 weeks and improve their speed endurance. Whilst there’s room for slightly more easy effort running in the plans, the focus is on quality over quantity. This one of the coaching methods that Richard has used to great effect over his coaching career to date whilst emphasizing the importance of running to the correct perceived effort for the sessions set at all times.

You can access your training plans via the links below:

  • sub-1:30 Half-Marathon training plan: Download here.
  • sub-1:45 Half-Marathon training plan: Download here.
  • sub-2:00 Half-Marathon training plan: Download here.


Weekly Events

We'll be training together in person EVERY WEDNESDAY with a series of virtual team sessions by Trainers Ben Wood and Adrienne Herbert.

You can see all of the events listed on Facebook (here) and register for each session via Eventcube (here). We also have a series of bonus events with Head Coach, Rich Coates, including:

4th March: Coaching session with Rich
Rich will explain how to get your training started and make the most of the next 12-weeks training that you’ve got. He’ll cover the types of training session and why, training load & intensity, recovery, energy requirements to fuel your training and answer any questions you may have.

25th March: TRIBE 10% Project Team Quiz
Join Rich for a general knowledge and sporting quiz for the chance to win some great prizes.

6th May: Coaching Session with Rich
Rich will go over race day preparation and cover how to approach the remaining weeks of your training. He’ll also help with creating a race plan, offer lots of race day tips and of course answer any other questions.

20th May: Coaching Session with Rich
Rich will take you through a final pre-race check to make sure you enjoy your day and run a cracking race. Any last minute questions answered too!


Meet the Team

Richard Coates: Head Coach
Sport has always been part of Richard’s life. Climbing and mountaineering were a large part of Richard’s early sporting years before he fell in love with running and cycling. He has completed countless races around the world, with distances ranging from 5 km to ultra-marathon. His favourite marathon is the Florence marathon. He’s cycled the Coast-to-Coast bike ride in the North of England along with time cycling in the Alps and mountains of California too. He continues to race whenever he can and has been a committed supporter of the TRIBE Freedom Foundation for many years completing and hugely enjoying Run For Love 3 in the Azores in 2019.

After a long business career, just over a decade ago, Richard qualified as a running coach and personal trainer. Since then he’s worked with runners of all levels from elite to beginner over all distances, coaching them to fulfill their dreams and perform beyond what they thought was possible. As long as the runners he works with are happy, then so is Richard!

Ben Wood:
Ben has been coaching the TRIBE community since 2018 when he first started leading the weekly TRIBE Tempo sessions. He runs religiously and races as often as he can. He has been working on an Msc in Strength & Conditioning @ St Marys and studied Sports Science at MMU. He has now been a PT for 16 years in London, in many vastly different gyms, from eight years teaching in a boxing gym to most recently a small boutique S&C studio. Read more at:

Adrienne Herbert
Global Adidas Ambassador, PT and competitive runner, Adrienne will motivate you to make fitness part of your day, every day. Her mood-boosting energy will keep you going time after time!

Recently named ‘the face of wellness’ by British Vogue, Adrienne is one of the most in demand British trainers. Her new book Power Hour (and top-rated podcast) is essentially a bible for making the most of your mornings to make steps towards achieving your goals big or small, and after the past year we’ve all had, the timing is apt. We can't wait to read it!