TRIBE #ChoosetoChallenge: Introducing the St Austell Skyline, by Jodie Gauld

Several years ago I discovered the incredible TRIBE community and since then, I’ve been inspired and welcomed by the amazing people who are a part of it. With so many different events, there’s always a new TRIBE challenge to face, from TRIBE Tempo sessions to ultras and even when I'm turning up to an event not knowing anyone… I’ve never regretted getting involved.

Stepping out of our comfort zone is scary but something that I’ve learnt is that the rewards can be epic! So, I choose to challenge you, will you accept?

I've joined the TRIBE #ChoosetoChallenge International Women's Day Team to help take a stand against modern slavery and empower survivors to regain their freedom and independence.

As the TRIBE community and beyond have motivated me, I want to motivate you, so I’m giving you the tools to plan your own challenge. Choose to take on the route I’ve provided, find one local to you OR create your own!

The St Austell Skyline:
Download the St Austell Skyline GPX HERE or from OS Maps.

Starting from the parking area at the top of Mount Stamper Road, the St Austell Skyline is a 7 mile route with 90% trail. As the name suggests, the route takes you up high to discover a different view of the old market town and stunning scenes of the coast. The route is suitable for walkers, runners, horse riders (in part), off-road cyclists (with caution) and more.


This route is a guideline. In fact, exploring is encouraged! Your adventure, is exactly that, it's YOURS! Embrace the freedom that we all take for granted and take a moment to consider what we're fightin for. To help the survivors of modern slavery to regain their freedom following trafficking and exploitation.

Find a plotted route local to you.

There are tons of routes available out there and by following a route which has been plotted by someone else, you’re bound to discover new places right on your doorstep!

Some suggestions for finding routes:

  • Many sports tracking platforms or map providers have a section for routes and you can view these on a map to find ones close to you (e.g Strava or Komoot)
  • Check to see if there are any local races in your area and see if there is a route provided
  • Ask a friend for a route they’ve plotted.
  • Social media groups. The St Austell Skyline was, in part, inspired by the Redruth Skyline which was shared on a local facebook community page.

Create your own!

I have a confession... I’m not naturally someone who plans their route before donning my trainers. I love it when there is a marked path so I can skip along (almost) absentmindedly (keeping just alert to notice the markers). Likewise, if I’m running with friends who have a route, then great, I’ll follow your lead! But, normally, I like to pack a bag with TRIBE bars, grab some water and go.

If you have the time, my first tip in creating your own routes is to explore! If you have a map to hand or your sports watch has breadcrumb tracking, I’d also suggest to use those.

That said, in a new place, if you’re limited for time or you like to know your exact distance, then plotting a route is definitely a safe bet. Plus, nerding out over a map can be pretty fun too!

Other suggestions to create your own:

  • Jump on your tracking app or OS Maps and swipe to the maps section, click create your own.
  • I like to use a combination of both. Sometimes OS Maps shows more accessible paths. Vise versa, many tracking apps have a ‘heat map’ you can activate and this will show you sections where others are commonly covering, thus you know it’s a well used path.
  • Point to point. Pick you start and end point and let your app suggest the route for you - just like Google Maps.
  • Mimic some routes already created but when plotting, see if there are some paths that could lead you a slightly different way.

With that in mind, let's explore and #ChooseToChallenge!

Please enjoy the St Austell Skyline. If you do use this route please share your support with a donation of your choice via #ChooseToChallenge Crowdfunder page here. I'd also love to see your posts on social media, if doing so please tag @jodiegauld, @tribefreedomfoundation and #ChoosetoChallenge / #StASkyline.