The NEW TRIBE Protein Shake Range

We launched our NEW TRIBE Protein Shake range in November 2017. We’ve got three delicious new flavours, all vegan, all 20g protein, and most importantly all tasting fantastic.

The flavours are:

  • Vanilla & Cinnamon
  • Raspberry & Goji
  • Cocoa & Sea Salt.


The team been working for months to get these right, including endless rounds of taste tests. TRIBE Shakes are built on the same basis as all TRIBE products: 100% natural, no fillers, plant-based ingredients only, and formulated to deliver the best taste and nutrition in one.

We've made these Shakes for all TRIBErs: everyday athletes, weekend warriors, runners, climbers, surfers, yogis. For too long protein shakes have contained all sorts of crap most people can't pronounce, let alone would want to put in their bodies. Our Shakes are different. They taste better than anything on the market, are made from just eight natural ingredients, providing the best functional nutrition there is: the natural way.


We’ve made them with two main consumption occasions in mind: a quick, nutritious high-protein breakfast and as a post run / ride / workout recovery shake. TRIBE Shakes work with water or milk only, or as part of a homemade smoothie, to which you can add fruit, nut butters, oats to get more from it. Each shake is made from our vegan blend of pea and rice protein and contains all essential amino acids.


Keep letting us know how TRIBE products are fuelling your adventures - we love seeing your photos and hearing your stories! #fuelledbytribe