TRIBE future as an omni-channel business

TRIBE Co-Founders, Guy, Rob & Tom, explain the story of TRIBE and why TRIBE is launching into Retail

Our story

TRIBE was inspired by a 1,000 mile run across Eastern Europe to fight human trafficking in 2013, the Run for Love. Frustrated with synthetic sports nutrition, we launched in 2015 with a simple mission: to develop the highest quality performance nutrition from 100% natural ingredients. We have since launched 25+ natural products; Protein Bars, Blaze Trails Energy, Protein Shakes & Trail Mixes.

TRIBE are growing fast and it's been a very very exciting Summer:

  • over 250 TRIBE runners and riders crossed 2,000km of Europe to raise £100,000 to fight human trafficking, as part of TRIBE Run for Love II.

  • over 1,800 TRIBE members invested £1.75 million as part of a crowdfunding round (over £1 million was raised within just 24 hours!).

Fuelling Everyday Athletes

TRIBE nutrition already fuels 40,000 (and growing!) TRIBE athletes so we have extensive data on customer product preferences and how to best tailor performance nutrition to customers' needs.

This has enabled us to select the TRIBE ranges that are best-suited to an "on-the-go" Retail environment for our launch. The Blaze Trails Energy and TRIBE 10 Protein bars are designed for everyday athletes to eat pre- and post- workouts respectively. We know that the Chia & Cocoa Nibs TRIBE 10 is our most popular post-workout product for Londoners who workout 2-3 times a week - it is going to fly off the shelf!

The Future

Our mission is to be Europe's largest natural sports nutrition brand by 2025 and this will be achieved by TRIBE as an omni-channel business. We see different use cases for both online and offline purchasing; some athletes will prefer to plan ahead and tailor their nutrition according to their nutritional needs (i.e. buying online) and others are keen to have the opportunity to purchase "on-the-go" (i.e. Retail).

TRIBE will continue to sell the TRIBE Infinity bars, TRIBE Protein Shakes and our upcoming TRIBE Hydrate product exclusively online. We are working hard to keep improving our online platform to provide the best possible customer experience and there is an very exciting pipeline of development there.

Exciting times to come. Let's do this together!