WANTED! TRIBE Ambassadors to lead the 1,000,000 Mile Challenge

The TRIBE 10% Project is our challenge to each other in 2019 to improve and push our boundaries. We believe that small changes in nutrition, lifestyle and training can help us perform at least 10% better.

As part of the 10% Project, the TRIBE community will run 1,000,000 miles across 100 nationwide + virtual events in January 2019. Our aim is to start 2019 as we mean to go on, to push our limits and to raise £50,000 for the TRIBE Freedom Foundation to fight human trafficking.

We are looking for members of the TRIBE community to be ambassadors to lead the events. This is the deal:

  • You rally your local tribe (whether it's your friends, colleagues, run club etc) for a 5 - 10K run - ideally minimum 15 - 20 people.
  • You decide the date, meeting point, route and logistics.
  • We create you a 100% bespoke website for your event - check it out here - so people can register.
  • We send you enough TRIBE products for all participants and your own TRIBE Tee - just let us know which size!

Want to get involved in the TRIBE 1,000,000 Mile Challenge in January?



We've answered any questions you may have below, but feel free to email kristina@wearetribe.co with any queries!

TRIBE 1,000,000 Mile Challenge FAQs


Can I chose any date/time in January to lead the event?

Yes - you chose a date and time that works for you!

Can TRIBE help with finding a location / meeting point for my event?

Yes definitely! We'd be more than happy to host any London-based events from TRIBE HQ in Shoreditch, where there will be a safe place to store bags during the event.


How do people sign up for my event?

TRIBE will create you a bespoke website - check it out here, which you can share with your friends, family, work colleagues, club members etc. This will be linked to your own JustGiving page, where participants can chose to donate £5 / £15 / £25 to the TRIBE Freedom Foundation.

What do participants recieve for entering the 1,000,000 Mile Challenge?

  • £5 Donation = Race Entry Package*
  • £15 Donation = Race Entry + Tee Package*
  • £25 Donation = Race Entry + Sweater Package*

*All packages include: Race Entry + 2 TRIBE Bars + Free TRIBE Pack Online.

How will I recieve the TRIBE products and merch?

We will send you your TRIBE bars to distribute on the day. You will also receive a unique promo code to share with participants who have registered for a Tee or Sweater package and free online TRIBE pack.

Will the ambassadors receive free TRIBE merch?

Yes, all event leaders will receive a FREE TRIBE t-shirt.

The Event

Will the TRIBE team join my event?

We'd love to join lots of the events throughout January and hope we can make it to yours!

Is there a mamimum number of event participants per event?

No! We'd love you to rally all your friends, family, work colleagues, club members etc - the more the merrier!


Who are we fundraising for?

All the entry fees will be donated to the TRIBE Freedom Foundation. This is the charity that was established by the TRIBE community to help end modern slavery in the UK.

How will the TRIBE community raise £50,000 for the TRIBE Freedom Founcation?

The more runners you can recruit the better! We also have loads of handy tips to help with setting up fundraising events - raffle, cake sale or quiz etc. If you're convinced that your tribe could donate more, we can give you the option to increase the basic race entry price from £5 to £7-10.