Running Sierra Leone

Kim tells us about an amazing West African marathon, in aid of Street Child.

I think it’s one of the most unique experiences you can have.

I still remember like it was yesterday. The combination of monsoon rains, searing heat, dust, children shouting and laughing.

I chose to run the Sierra Leone Marathon in 2014 for Street Child, a charity making a huge difference for so many children without parents or hope for life. Street Child offer these children security, a place to learn and a place to hope for something better in their lives.
Up at 3.30am, breakfast and then bus to the start line. Music blaring loudly and local’s ‘warming up’ for their marathon by playing football, I took a moment to reflect on how lucky we are just to be alive and have choices.

To have the choice about what foods to eat, where to travel and how to live.

With this reflection I took myself to the start line, with great excitement blended with huge fear! I was ready to run the marathon, yet I had never run in such an ‘extreme’ climate and have a neurological condition to manage. Steady, calm, confident was the focus on my run, pacing myself and starting slowly would be key to finishing whilst staying hydrated.

As we jogged along, the mist began to clear and the sun began to rise. It was around 30 degrees or more, 95% humidity was the rumour rippling through the runners.

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