Running with the Tribe: Meet Emily

After a long day at work, the temptation to reach for wine rather than my trainers is undeniably high. However, in knowing that I will be running next to (or behind) 21,500 people at the Stockholm Marathon, this September has meant I am incredibly motivated to get fit (and run it bloody fast)!

I have always enjoyed running and even more so as a social activity. A weekly catch-up with my friend Lucy has become a lengthy run around Hyde Park followed by an even longer brunch session at the magnificent Daisy Green (the broccoli bread is a must).

On the days Lucy and I can’t co-ordinate our schedules (and this is increasingly often), I am left to do a running loop around the Islington neighbourhood and for some reason these runs are never as long as my original intended distance, but what’s worse, I spend far too much time looking at the clock rather than enjoying the scenery.

For these reasons, I joined Tribe. I saw one of their Facebook events pop-up on my feed and thought someone who combines running with socialising and offers healthy post-run snack food at trendy venues has definitely got the right idea.

My first run left from the Peloton & Co and it was great to meet Founders Tom, Rob and Guy who seemed delighted with the crowd of runners.

We kept an excellent pace throughout. The 10K flew and our time was commendable- less than 50 minutes for sure. I’ve done the Nike girls run club and while this is also enjoyable, the pace can be at times, on the slow side.

With Tribe, each week our base-camp is different (with some returning venues due to popularity), but the focus is always on partnering with independent, sporty and health-focused businesses. The standard of running is high and there is an encouraging attitude between staff and runners alike.  In fact, a true highlight is honestly the people. The Tribe runners are a friendly bunch and I always finish the run thinking that I will do everything I can to make sure that next Tuesday I reach straight for the trainers (without a second’s thought given to wine)!