Running with the Tribe: Meet James

Last night I joined the guys from TRIBE for their fortnightly trail run along the embankments of the River Thames. Wait … isn’t it all just paths you may ask. Your wrong. The various twists, turns, steps and tunnels all contribute to what feels like an off-road adventure.

I discovered TRIBE scrolling my Twitter feed one evening. The brand’s distinct imagery and name caught my attention, I was intrigued and wanted to learn more. The company was set up after a group of friends completed a 1000 mile run across Eastern Europe, their aim to raise awareness of child trafficking. To keep them going on the mammoth quest they made their own trail mixes. Today they provide them to the running community.

Based on the subscription package selected you receive weekly, fortnightly or monthly packs bursting with ever-changing mixes which provide timely energy & endurance, recovery and nutrient boosts. I love the fact they use natural, un-refined foods and that 10p from each pack goes to a good cause.

Back to the run and meeting point was London City Runner. Ever-keen to get going I arrived in good time to say hello to the other runners, a mix of first TRIBE timers and regulars. After a quick brief on the 8km route and a stretch we set off, first up was Westminster Bridge.

Making our crossing we made a left to tackle the vast human forest, better known as the Southbank in summer, out the other side we continued up to, and then over, London Bridge. A quick blast up the steps leading to St Paul’s Cathedral and our loop was complete.

I really enjoyed the run and the guys were so accommodating. I was given a pack of the Sahara Trail Mix to try. Made up from cashews, pumpkin seeds, white mulberries, pistachios and pomegranate seeds I added it to some fresh berries and Greek yogurt for a simple protein snack.

Make sure you follow their journey.