Strength & Conditioning for Runners

Feeling happy with your running is the key to ending your race well and there are plenty of great exercises you can do to build strength.

We’ve teamed up with the triathlon experts at THREO and top strength & conditioning coach Stef of Bike Biomechanics to guide you through some tri-specific training sessions to help you prepare for the forthcoming season.

Building strong glutes and quads will give you explosive power in the final leg of your race, meaning you can head off your bike and onto the run with confidence.

Strength & conditioning circuit for running strength.

Start with a pigeon stretch to warm up - 15 seconds on each length. Place a rolled up towel under your knee for those of you with any knee or joint pain. Repeat the circuit three times with a 30 second gap in-between each exercise.

  • Broad Jumps - 12 reps

  • Dynamic Squats - 30 seconds each leg

  • Plank Flute Step Outs - maintain a plank position with your shoulders low and step each leg out to the side, using alternate legs - 30 seconds

  • Knee Drive & Step Out - 10 reps per leg

  • Explosive Quads - 10 reps

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