Strength & Conditioning for Swimmers

We’ve teamed up with the triathlon experts at THREO and top strength & conditioning coach Stef of Bike Biomechanics to guide you through some tri-specific training sessions to help prepare for the forthcoming season.

Focussing on building shoulder strength is often neglected by triathletes, but not only will this help you hold your form and stroke when you are tired in the water but it will help keep your position on the bike and aid your finish by holding the fatigue at bay on the run. Whatever the discipline you will reap the benefits!

Strength & Conditioning Circuit for Swimming Strength.

  • Repeat the circuit three times with a 30 second gap in-between each exercise

  • Mountain climbers - find a bench, rail or box and assume a plank position with your arms straight - cross your knees over to alternate elbows, one at a time - 10 reps per leg

  • Plank press ups - stay in the same position on your bench, rail or box and, whilst keeping a straight back and core and keeping your feet stationary, use your body weight to lower yourself down to meet the bench and push back up again - 10 reps

  • Shoulder Taps - keeping the same position as the last two exercises, alternate tapping one hand to the opposite shoulder whilst keeping your back straight, core strong and feet stationary. Once completed repeat the movement in a plank position on the floor - 30 seconds each

  • Shoulder stretch - use a resistance band if you have one, or a towel - 10 reps

  • Hollow Hold - Lie down flat on your back and contract your abdominal muscles, pulling the belly button down towards the floor. Keep your arms and legs held straight out from the body with your hands and toes pointed. Slowly raise your shoulders and legs from the ground - hold for 30 seconds

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