The Story of Infinity – The most innovative natural endurance bar.

In July 2015 we set out on a mission to develop the most innovative endurance nutrition bar from the highest quality, 100% natural ingredients. Watch the behind-the-scenes story of the making of the Infinity Bar.

TRIBE Infinity Bar: A product based on ancient grains, nutritionally formulated and innovatively designed in a way like no other.

PHASE 1. CONCEPT. Six months ago we began the Infinity Bar journey. It started out with a focus group of TRIBE athletes coming together to tell us what they wanted. We then reached out to our wider community, speaking to over 5,000 TRIBE athletes to understand exactly what they wanted from endurance nutrition products. Many were sick of sugar- filled energy products and wanted a slow-release endurance energy bar, so we embarked on a process to build something for you, to fuel those tougher journeys. Watch where the journey began here.

PHASE 2. DEVELOPMENT. We took on board this concept and headed straight to our team of experts. The concept was stripped back to basics and we began work with endurance sports nutritionist, Jo Scott- Dalgleish. We formulated the optimum macronutrient profile for a slow-release energy bar; it needed to be low in sugar, very high in carbohydrates with a balance of proteins and fats.

Once this framework was constructed, nutritional therapist, Eve Kalink began looking at all-natural, high quality ingredients we could take to the kitchen to give us a product that was simple, wholesome and effective. Guy, Rob and Tom always develop the first batches of any product in our Hackney kitchen as we believe this is the only way to guarantee quality. To ensure these are of the highest nutritional value we searched the globe and sourced all our ingredients individually, to Ethiopia for their Teff and Ghana for Bogoya Bananas. Teff has been the staple diet of long-distance Ethiopian runners for centuries.

PHASE 3. ROAD-TESTED. We never release a bar until the TRIBE community have road-tested it fully. 2,000 TRIBE runners roadtested the Infinity Bar and, as a result, it went through approximately 30 iterations and we only stopped when our community were 100% satisfied.

The final result tastes amazing and the Infinity Bar nutritionally formulated for the highest performance:

  • 35g nutrient rich carbohydrates, from endurance-giving grains.
  • Over 40% less sugar than a Clif Bar, a Trek Bar or an SIS Go Energy Bar.
  • 12 wholefood ingredients inspired by the diets of great ultra-running peoples.

Nothing makes us more excited than thousands of journeys everyday being fueled by the TRIBE Infinity Bar.
That is why we do this.