Introducing... TRIBE Mission Flapjacks created by Halimot Ogunnaike, trafficking survivor and East London Baker

We are so excited to announce that this Summer we will be launching a Mission Flapjack created by Halimot Ogunnaike, an amazing Nigerian-born trafficking survivor who runs Haliberry Cakes in East London. We can't wait to see what flavour Flapjack Halimot creates in the TRIBE kitchen!

Halimot has been supported by Ella's, who provide care and support for trafficking survivors to recover and move forwards. You can read more here about Halimot's amazing story.

25% of all profits from the Mission Flapjack created by Halimot will be donated to Ella's. Ella's is a wonderful charity that the TRIBE Freedom Foundation has partnered with for over 5 years and its's Directors (Emily and Minke) have run over four TRIBE Run for Loves between them!

Read the following Q&A to learn more about the Mission Flapjack and Halimot's passion for bakery:

How have Ella's supported you on your journey?

Ella’s has supported me in so many ways; they help me with my asylum status, accommodation, financial support, mental support, family love that I crave for so much, helping with my kids uniform. One of the greatest things I will never forget is helping me to see mum after so many years of not seeing her... I hope to see her again soon 😊

Where did you get your passion for baking from?

Let just say it became a passion later. When I was younger, I wanted to be a doctor or nurse to look after people and make them happy... but this dream was taken away at the age of 9. Years later life gave me another way to make people happy and my passion grew up from there.

What motivated you to start Haliberry Cakes?

A lots of things motivated me and there is a story behind it... but I will cut it short; love, empathy, humanity and sense of purpose and belonging. Plus I refuse to accept that I’m not good in anything.

Why are you excited about the project to make a TRIBE Flapjack?

I’m excited because TRIBE finds me worthy of this project.. also my sisters out there will benefit from this project and when they hear about this it will encourage them not to give up.

What flavour Flapjacks are you excited to make with TRIBE?

"Banana Chocolate and Walnut" & "Rhubarb and Strawberry"