Saffron Quinoa Porridge with dates & cashews.

Quinoa is a plant based grain high in protein. Protein is a very important nutrient for all active people, it repairs muscle fibres during a run and helps your muscles to recover. This delicious porridge is filling and perfect pre or post run.

Ingredients: (Serves 2)

50g quinoa
250ml water
200ml almond milk, or other
pinch, few strands saffron
pinch cardamom
5 roasted cashews
3 dates, chopped
2 teaspoons agave or honey, optional

Method: Boil the quinoa for 20-30 minutes on low heat until all the water has been soaked up. I have purposely included a little extra water in this recipe as you want the quinoa to be very soft for the porridge. Once cooked, add the almond milk, saffron and cardamom and stir on low heat for around 5 minutes. Now add the dates, cashews and honey serve. Add less or more honey according to taste.

Made by Mira Manek @

*Mira, with her passion for healthy food wanted to change the perception that Indian food is heavy and oily. So starting with her family’s trousseau of recipes she began to tweak ingredients to produce recipes which were enriching, nutritious and light.*